Sunday, 25 August 2013

Moving and a New Name!

Yes, that is right! Chick for Christ is moving and getting a new name! The reason for this is wordpress has more options for me to become a better and more accomplished blogger.. So go and check out my new home at- Wordpress! Also, I do not think that I will be adding a Chat Box on my new blog.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Date Night Delights (Part 1)

So you finally  got that boy/girl to go out with you, only problem, you have no idea what to do for the first date! It's an hour till you go and pick your special person up, and you are starting to panic. Well fear no more! Here are a few ideas for that first date!

1) Paint fight!
 Ok, so this is a messy first date but you know what? It's FUN! Just make sure that your darlin' has a change of clothes!

2) Movie Marathon!
 This is a sure way to be comfortable and relaxed! If you aren't sure what movies your boyfriend/girlfriend like, then get a few from each genre!

3) Take a mini road-trip around town!
 What can be more romantic then this? You could take him/her to places that you went to with your family when you were younger.

4) Make a meal together!
 Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner make it fun! Maybe try a new recipe together, look around Pinterest for some great ideas!

5) Go biking or skateboarding!
 Fun and exercise in one shot! I think that this so worth it! :)

6) Game Time!
 Guys totally love girls that can do some serious gaming. So surprise him girls, when he asks what you wanna do say "let's play (his favourite game)!!" He will love you forever! (Ok, not sure about that, don't come crying to me if he doesn't)

7) Order take-out and play a board game!
 Break out Scrabble and Yahtzee! Bring on the pizza! (or whatever take out food you choose)

8) Take a class together!
 Whether it is art or music or something else, get out there and do something together!!

9) Go Ice-skating
 Another romantic date idea. I think that this one is on every girls bucket list!

10) Do something unusual in the city
 Maybe take chalk and draw hearts with inspirational sayings inside of them? Or perhaps dance crazily in front of security cameras? You could sing loudly to a song playing inside of a store, or dance to it together!

Well, this is the end of the ideas for today. I hope now you will have tons of fun, but remember-keep yourselves in check. You don't want to do anything that you might regret down the line.
Now GO and have fun!! :)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Movies For A Day Indoors

As fun as summer is, there are bound to be a few days where it will be either too hot or too rainy to go out. So what can you do on those days? A ton of stuff, but one of the best things to do is have a movie Marathon! So here are 20 movies that and worth watching! (Note: Your family may have standers on what you can watch. Check these movies out at first before watching)

1) Soul Surfer
2) 13 Going On 30
3) Red
4) Harry Potter (All)
5) Twilight (All)
6) The Lord Of the Rings (All but that is like 9 or 10 hours worth people...)
7) Anne of Green Gables
8) 16 Wishes
9) Pride and Prejudice
10) Kingdom of Heaven
11) Faith Like Potatoes
12) My Big Fat Greek Wedding
13) Pirates of the Caribbean (All)
14) Thor
15) Sherlock Homes (The movie, with Robert Downey Jr. in it! aka Iron Man)
16) Iron Man (all) (should have seen that one coming!)
17) Avengers
18) The X-Men (how many movies are there??)
19) Emma
20) Sense and Sensibility  

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Best Summer Playlist!

Ok, so if you are like me you are addicted to music and just cannot get enough of it. I personally have over 2000 songs so I'm not about to list them all here! But what I am going to do is give 20 of the best songs for Summer 2013! Ready to start? Let's go!!

1. Me & My Girls by 5th Harmony
2. Best Song Ever by One Direction
3. People Like Us by Kelly Clarkson
4.Gold by Britt Nicole
5. Turbo Style by Beckah Shae
6.Miss Movin' on by 5th Harmony
7. I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
8. Made in America by Cimorelli
9. While We're Young by 1 Girl Nation
10. He Said by Group 1 Crew Ft. Chris August
11. I Saw the Light/I'll Fly Away (Hoedown) by David Crowder Band (at Passion 2013)
12. Red by Taylor Swift
13. Outta My Mind by Anthem Lights
14. Wanted by Dara Maclean
15. Cruise by Florida-Georgia Line Ft. Nellie (Cimorelli covers this song too! Check out their cover!)
16. Fantastic Baby by Big Bang (K-pop band, think PSY but...cooler)
17. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
18. Home by Philip Philips
19.So Much Love by The Rocket Summer
20.Fight Forever by Anthem Lights

Now of course you aren't going to LOVE every single song on here and you will have other songs to add to that playlist so hey, comment down below and tell me your top 20 songs of this summer!

I have read another awesome Summer Play List! It was put together by Christine over at  Click here to read it! :)

Saturday, 27 July 2013

DIY Dream-catchers

I don't know about you but I just love dream-catchers. They are so cool and can be made in so many different ways, so I have decided to shift through my DIY pinterest board and find the coolest dream-catchers that you can make yourself! (I haven't checked every website so please use at your own risk!)

I hope you gals love these dream-catchers as much as I do! I wish I could do a better post but I have a lot of things to do, but please keep coming back and tell your friends about this blog! I love you all so much!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Shopaholics Unite! (Clothes addition)

 Hands up if you are a shopaholic!! Yeah, my hand is up to, I wont lie about that. I love buying 'stuff', and that is what most of it is, 'stuff'. So I have decided to give up most of my 'stuff', I never really used it anyways. This post is going to be about clothes (But you already knew that if you read the post name)
I have searched all over the internet for the basics that every girl should have...I discovered that my post will be about the same as the others. Oh well...Let's get started!!

1.White T-Shirt
 Yah, I don't have this basic yet, I haven't found one that looks good on me.
2. Jeans
Just plain jeans, you can splurge later girls :)

3. A Jean Jacket
Yup, these things never go out of style! Only thing is...there are so many to choose from! I would opt for a plain one to start, then you can go crazy!!

4. Little Black Dress
This one can be hard because they can be so immodest :/ I have yet to find one that I can afford but I have not given up! (Note: This is Olivia from Go check out her blog!) 

5. Button down blouse 
I will admit, these are not my favorite but you need 'em! One in black and one in white is best!

6. Hoodies
Yup! Didn't see this one coming did you? Well, they are so comfy and warm, a must have! 

7. Open Sweater
Yah, some may look like it's your mothers, just weed them out :)

8. Flats
These are a go-to for me, heels kill me and flip-flops are not for church ;) (Anyone think that these flats are so cute?!)

Ok Ok, I went there! Just don't kill yourself (or your wallet)

10.Black Blazer
This piece you can sort of cheat on, instead of the traditional blazer like can look masculine switch it up! You can use any black blazer look-a-like or even a black jean jacket! 

11. Tall boots
Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter you will be reaching for them!

12. Peacoat
Who wants to wear a coat that makes you look like a marshmallow? Not me, I always go for this!

13. Cute Scarf
I'm not normally a scarf girl but they have gotten me out of almost-embarrassing situations more than once. And for that I am putting it on the list! 


Monday, 28 January 2013

iBelieve: Six Questions With Nathan Kress

I saw this on All rights belong to them.
Many of the youth who frequent NRT have seen and watched Nathan Kress as Freddie on Nickelodeon's iCarly. For those who don't know, iCarly was an ├╝ber popular TV show that ran from Sept. 8, 2007 until Nov. 23, 2012, starring Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Jerry Trainor, Noah Munick and of course Nathan Kress.
Some may not know that Nathan is a strong believer in Christ. He also has a great love for Christian music. Nathan was kind enough to tell NRT Staff Writer Dwayne Lacy about his love for Christian music, life after iCarly and more.
You had an important and prominent role in the colossal iCarly. You have a huge Twitter following. How important is it to you to be a positive role model?
Ever since iCarly started--and especially after it became so successful--I knew that I was going to be somewhat of a public figure. I knew that my actions would be constantly scrutinized, and that I had much more pressure than the average teenager to be on the straight and narrow road through adolescence. But I consider it a much greater honor than it is a burden.
Being a positive role model is a big part of the reason why I'm doing what I'm doing in the industry. Hollywood in general doesn't exactly emulate the most positive messages, especially to young people. If I can be an example of a person who is trying to live their life for God, even if I don't always get it right, then that is something that I want to strive for! Obviously, I'm not going to do it perfectly... I'm fully aware of the fact that I am very much human. But I do think that it's critical to try my best.
Although you have not been ashamed of your faith, some people may not know that you are a Christian. Why is your faith important to you?
Well, quite simply, it defines me. With everything I do, the choices I make, the words I say, and the thoughts I think, I do everything I can to put it through the filter of my faith. By that same token, my identity comes from my relationship with God. I am not "Nathan Kress, the actor who happens to be a Christian." I am "Nathan Kress, the Christian who happens to be an actor."
I know that the only reason I'm in the business at all is because God led me to it, and He opened all the doors necessary to bring me to where I am in my career right now. He blessed me with the skills required to make it in Hollywood.
I owe it all to Him, and I never want to forget that. He has guided my path thus far, and He is the only one I trust to continue guiding me for the rest of my life.
I've seen you tweet about a Christian artist or two. Who are some of your favorite Christian artists and what makes them stand out to you?
As far as Christian music, I feel like there are two basic categories: Christian artists that are more mainstream and accessible to a broader audience--not exclusively religious in their lyrics--and, on the other side, the straight-up powerful worship singers. When it comes to the latter, I have to say a few of my favorites are Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, and Campaign.
But I think overall, my favorite band is Relient K. That band has been a part of my life ever since music became "a thing" to me and my brothers. Each of their albums has such a distinct feel. I feel like there is a Relient K album for literally every emotion I could have. There's never a time where one of their songs wouldn't fit what I'm going through in one way or another. In my humble opinion, Matt Thiessen is one of the greatest lyricists of all time!

Another huge favorite of mine is The Classic Crime. They're not quite as well known as the major Christian bands out there, but they certainly deserve to be. One of the reasons I love them so much is because they have such incredible range. They can go from a tear-jerking, mournful ballad to a head-banging rock anthem with effortless finesse. They are incredibly talented, and I really hope that they continue to gain traction.
I realize that I could write a book about this topic, so I'll cut myself off. But a few others that deserve much more discussion than I am currently giving them are Switchfoot, Anberlin, Flyleaf, Kutless, Mae, Moi, P.O.D., Run Kid Run, and Skillet.
What do you like to do for fun?
The usual! Video games, reading, going to movies, hanging with friends. I love vacationing outdoors when I can, but being able to carve out time to get away can be pretty difficult. So when I get the chance, I love camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc. One of my hobbies that I've probably spent way too much money on is airsoft. It's basically like paintball, except you're shooting each other with little plastic BB's, not paint. I've been doing that since 5th grade!
I'm not afraid to admit this, but I watched the last episode of iCarly and I was a little "misty eyed." It seemed as if that was a hard show to get through. Tell us what Dan Schneider, the director and the cast of iCarly mean to you.
Well I'm glad you're not ashamed, because you and I were in the same boat! I didn't necessarily get misty watching it on TV, but let me tell you, the floodgates opened up after we finished filming our final goodbye scene together. Leaving iCarly was incredibly hard; I spent the majority of my teenage life on the show, so I became very close to the cast and crew. I have such amazing memories working on that show that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to Dan Schneider for giving me a shot, and helping me to make a name for myself in this business. Who knows where I'd be if he decided to cast one of the other Freddies who wanted the role just as badly as I did!
What is next for Nathan Kress?
Right after iCarly wrapped up, I spent a couple months in Detroit working a movie called Black Sky. It's a really intense documentary-style natural disaster flick, with tons of action and visual effects. It was very cool for me to do something so different from what I've worked on in the past, and I can't wait for my fans to see me in a different role! There's no official release date yet, but it should definitely come out sometime this year.

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Dwayne Lacy is a longtime teacher and Christian hip-hop enthusiast who loves the Lord and has a passion for youth, as well as racial and musical diversity.